Our story

BIGSHOT™ was founded by Jeff Henry in 1997. And now after more than 15 years, we've grown from a one-man design shop in the back of a West Plaza Rental in Kansas City, to a full-service ad agency situated in the city's Crossroads Art's district. Jeff's background as a comic, coupled with his strategic vision, are the forces that drive our service-focused yet energetic and hilarious corporate culture. People like working with us because of our outstanding results, first class customer service, and our fun attitudes. No big agency "know it all" egos here. 

The BIGSHOT big story

BIGSHOT had humble beginnings as most marketing companies do. Ours starts with Jeff Henry, a former disc jockey, club owner, and part time stand-up comic — with that being said, consider yourself warned that our story may just have you laughing out loud.

Jeff was sick of his j-o-b. His jokes were not leaving comedy club patrons rolling in the aisles ... how could he anticipate they'd tire so quickly of his cartoon animal voices and the robot mime routines? Then one afternoon on a much needed Diet Coke run, this life-changing thought occurred to him ...

I should go back to design school and finish my English degree. Not only will I have a whole new audience for my routine, I will be joining a profession where bad Elvis impressions are considered kitchy and a good dashboard hula doll impersonation is widely regarded as a "special skill." So Jeff mustered his nerve, pulled out his pencil, and began rigorously drawing Skippy the turtle, just as the ad recommended. With envelope in hand, he marched down to the admissions office at Avila University. He was not sure why they called it a university since it only had about 5,000 students but he liked it there anyway.

On the way there, something shiny in the road caught his eye. It was a magical ring with powers beyond your imagination! It was the destiny of this young hobbit to embark on a great adventure ... oh wait, that's a different story. See Tolkien... Where was I? So he made his way through Avila's design program and survived the English department, a department heavily ingrained in women's studies, and emerged with degrees in Graphic Design and English.

And it was there at Avila that he had a deep spiritual experience with a reformed fortune teller, who upon seeing Jeff, felt overcome with the need to read his palm and give him his future, and that future was that he would one day be king over his domain, and the domain would be called some endearing name from his childhood. Jeff thought, what could that be?

There were two names that Jeff's dad had called him as he was growing up. One referred to him as a really stupid mule and the other was "Bigshot." Knowing that "Dumbass" was not a great name for a technologically forward ad agency, Jeff decided to go with BIGSHOT. It was difficult, at first, to say it out loud. The lady at the utility company didn't actually believe he was serious when he filled out the application to turn on his lights and water. But as word spread, regaling tales of mime impersonations and stolen jokes from old Henny Youngman routines ("take my wife ... please!") BIGSHOT and Jeff grew in popularity. Now a worldwide entity, BIGSHOT serves clients across the United States and around the world. Advertising legend David Ogilvy said it best about what is now the Juggernaut called BIGSHOT. "BIG Who?" That's really says it all — don't you think?

Seriously, if you got all the way to the bottom of this story, you certainly understand why we are different. We have the ability to reel in your potential clients and get them comfortable with you and the services you offer ... after all, we did just get you to read an entire page about us, didn't we? We realize your business is serious, and more than likely your story won't look like ours. But we have the expertise and the ability to connect potential clients to who you are, and that is the BIGSHOT difference — and the reason we have a story.

Want to know the real BIGSHOT story? Get a first hand account from President and CEO Jeff Henry. Drop him an email at  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  and don't forget to ask him how BIGSHOT can help you write your own business success story.

BIGSHOT is a HubSpot Gold Level Partner

BIGSHOT achieved Gold Level Status with HubSpot within six months of partnering with the Inbound Marketing industry leader, based out of Cambridge, MA. As one of fewer than 75 Gold Level HubSpot partners, BIGSHOT has brought the Inbound Marketing message to clients and executed inbound services to the highest quality.

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