Medical marketing

When you are searching for an agency to market your medical practice, there is no doubt that you will find many niche agencies that specialize only in medical marketing. Beware the niche agency! Typically a niche agency will create tools and systems based on their preconceived notions of the vertical they want to target — systems and tools that broadly support that niche, not the individual practice.


B2B marketing

BIGSHOT Interactive isn’t just a B2B advertising agency, a digital marketing agency, or an interactive agency. We enthusiastically combine all of these approaches, integrating traditional advertising (print, direct mail, display advertising, broadcast,) with interactive marketing (web development, rich media, search engine marketing, social media, and content marketing) to help our clients achieve measurable results.


B2C marketing

In addition to targeting individual consumers rather than businesses, B2C marketing differs from B2B marketing in that its objective is often to evoke an emotional response, rather than to solely demonstrate value.

As with most forms of marketing, technology has greatly expanded the number of marketing channels available for B2C campaigns. The most popular or effective channels for your business will vary depending on your unique demographic, but the web is becoming a universal tool for consumer research.


Want to help your company lower marketing costs and reach its goals with inbound marketing?

Let us assess your website & marketing and provide valuable actionable info, specific to you.

Help your company lower marketing costs and reach its goals with inbound marketing

Let us assess your website & marketing, and provide valuable actionable info, specific to you.

4 part inbound formula for Medical Marketing

1. Attract

We want to increase your website traffic by using search engine optimization (SEO), your business blog and social media networks. But we don’t want just any traffic, we want the right traffic - which is why the content (blog + social media) is so important.

2. Convert

We’ll use Offers and Calls to Action to convert that qualified web traffic into leads that have given you permission to market to them.

3. Close

We’ve attracted the right visitors and we’ve converted them into leads - now we need to turn them into patients. By using email marketing and lead nurturing - we can continue to talk to these qualified consumers until they’re ready to become patients.

4. Measure your ROI

The advanced reporting supplied to you by BIGSHOT will give you a clear picture of the impact your inbound marketing campaign is having your practice.